Chris and Craig have built the de facto standard in video monitoring security software.

Immix Today – Immix is the market leader in video monitoring security software and is installed in the world’s most demanding security operating center environments – protecting lives and assets. Immix targets the professionally installed, professionally monitored enterprise end-market. The company provides workflow software for security monitoring centers and its software monitors ~1m cameras at ~100k sites across North America and Europe.


The Beginning – Immix and its management team, Chris (CEO) and Craig (CTO), are industry pioneers who have been shaping the evolution of the industry since the beginning. Immix has been the market leader since the early days – continually innovating and investing in technology. The company is uniquely differentiated as its software is the “single pane of glass” that integrates and seamlessly works with all the disparate technologies inside the security operating center as well as with all the external data sources (regardless of camera type, sensor type, etc).


Transaction Reason – Norland identified video security software as an attractive focus area and proactively built a trusted dialogue and relationship with Immix over several years. The 4 shareholders were reaching retirement age and were looking to find a new home for Immix and cash in on the great success of the company, having previously stepped back from the day-to-day running of the business.


Why Norland – The owners of Immix were impressed with Norland’s strong security and software credentials and wanted to see their business – legacy, brand, culture, people, and product – pass into good, trusted, and knowledgeable hands. They wanted a seamless transition and have the new owner of “their baby” continue to invest and further grow the business over the long-term.


Since Norland’s Investment – As part of the transaction, Chris (CEO) and Craig (CTO) become owners and partners alongside Norland. Looking ahead, the focus is on further investing and building out the product offering, hiring, and expanding internationally as well as continuing to work very closely with current customers and helping them to grow their business as their success is our success.


Future – Immix is steadily growing subscription revenues and continues to innovate and invest in product, people, and customer success as video security is a decade+ tail-wind, a fundamental trend driving growth over many years to come.


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